2023-2024 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog 
    Feb 22, 2024  
2023-2024 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog

Matrix of Certificates and Degrees

Program Title Certificate   AA     AS   AA-T AS-T
Accounting X   X    
Accounting Clerk X        
Administration of Justice         X
Administrative Office Assistant I X        
Administrative Office Assistant II X        
Administrative Office Executive X        
Administrative Office Executive Professional/Office Manager     X    
Agriculture Animal Science         X
Agriculture Business X   X   X
Agriculture Business: Animal Science X        
Agriculture Business: Plant Science X        
Agriculture Mechanics X        
Agriculture Plant Science         X
American Sign Language X X      
Anthropology       X  
Apparel Design   X      
Apparel Industry Sewing X        
Architectural Drafting X   X    
Art   X      
Art History       X  
Auto Body Basic Repair and Restoration X        
Auto Body Intermediate Repair and Restoration X        
Auto Body Advanced Repair and Restoration X        
Automation Technician - Mechatronics X        
Automation Technology - Mechatronics     X    
Automotive Dealer Technician X        
Automotive Electric Technology X        
Automotive Lubrication Technician X        
Automotive Master Technician X        
Automotive Mechanics Technology X        
Automotive Technology     X    
Baking and Pastry X   X    
Basic Peace Officer Academy X        
Business X   X    
Business Administration         X
California State University General Education Pattern X        
Caterpillar Dealer Engine Technician Apprenticeship X        
Caterpillar Dealer Service Technician Apprenticeship     X    
Communication Studies       X  
Computer Information Systems     X    
Computer Network Security Technician X   X    
Computer Network Technician X   X    
Computer Networking - Competence X        
Computer Networking - Essentials X        
Computer Networking Software X        
Computer Numerical Control (CNC) Operator/Programmer X        
Computer Operations X        
Computer Programming X        
Computer Programming - Competence X        
Computer Programming - Essentials X        
Computer Science X   X   X
Computer Support X        
Computer Support - Technician X        
Computer Web Developer X        
Computer Web Developer - Technician X        
Correctional Science X   X    
Culinary Arts X X      
Culinary Arts, Advanced     X    
Dance   X      
Diesel Automotive Equipment Technician X        
Diesel Bus Technician X        
Diesel Equipment Technician X   X    
Digital Imaging X        
Digital Media   X      
Digital Media Content Entrepreneurship X        
Digital Media with Emphasis in Audio X        
Digital Media with Emphasis in Video X        
Early Childhood Education   X     X
Early Childhood Education Associate Teacher X        
Early Childhood Education Master Teacher X        
Early Childhood Education Site Supervisor X        
Early Childhood Education Teacher X        
ECE Administration and Adult Supervision Add On X        
Electrical Technology     X    
Electrical Technology - Apprenticeship Option X   X    
Electrical Technology - Electrical Maintenance X        
Electrical Technology - General Electrician Trainee X        
Electron Microscopy - Biological X   X    
Electron Microscopy - Materials     X    
Electron Microscopy - Crystalline Material X        
Electronics Technology X        
Elementary Teacher Education       X  
Engineering - Civil     X    
Engineering - Computer     X    
Engineering - Electrical     X    
Engineering - Mechanical, Aeronautical, and Manufacturing     X    
Engineering Computer-Aided Drafter X        
Engineering Computer-Aided Drafting     X    
Engineering Fundamentals X        
Engineering Technology X   X    
English   X   X  
Entrepreneurship X        
Environmental Science     X    
Family and Consumer Sciences     X    
Fashion Design X        
Fashion Merchandising X   X    
Fitness Specialist X        
Fluid Power and Automation Technology X   X    
French Language   X      
Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)/Flux Core Arc Welding (FCAW) X        
Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) X        
Geology         X
Graphic Arts X X      
Graphic Arts - Print Production X        
Health Science     X    
Heating and Air Conditioning X        
Heating and Air Conditioning - Refrigeration     X    
Heavy Equipment Mechanic X        
Heavy Equipment Technician X   X    
History   X   X  
Horticulture     X    
Horticulture - Irrigation Technician X        
Horticulture - Landscape Arborist X        
Horticulture - Nursery Management X        
Horticulture - Sustainable Landscape Management X        
Hospitality Front of House Essentials X        
Hospitality Front of House Service Operations X        
Industrial Technology - Level I X        
Industrial Technology - Level II Mechanical X        
Industrial Technology - Electrical Apprenticeship Option X        
Industrial Technology - Maintenance Apprenticeship Option X        
Industrial Technology - Mechanical Apprenticeship Option X        
Industrial Technology - Operations Apprenticeship Option X        
Interdisciplinary Studies - Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences Option   X      
Interdisciplinary Studies - Business Option   X      
Interdisciplinary Studies - Mathematics and Science Option     X    
Interior Design X X      
International Business X        
Intersegmental General Education Transfer Curriculum (IGETC) X        
Journalism       X  
Kinesiology       X  
Law Enforcement X   X    
Law, Public Policy, and Society       X  
Logistics and Transportation     X    
Logistics and Transportation Supervisor X        
Machining Technology     X    
Manual Machining X        
Mathematics     X   X
Medical Office Assistant X        
Mental Health Specialist X        
Merchandising X        
Multimedia X X      
Municipal Clerk X        
Music   X   X  
Nursing     X    
Oxy-Fuel Processes and Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) X        
Paralegal/Legal Assistant Studies X   X    
Paraprofessional Preparation X        
Photography X X      
Physical Education     X    
Physics         X
Police Science     X    
Political Science       X  
Power Performance and Data Collecting X        
Pre-Law Studies X        
Psychiatric Technician X        
Psychiatric Technology     X    
Psychology   X   X  
Radiologic Technology X        
Real Estate X   X    
Real Estate Broker X        
Real Estate Salesperson X        
Refrigeration X        
Retail Management X        
Retail Management and Merchandising     X    
Small Business X        
Social Justice Studies       X  
Social Media X        
Social Media Strategy X        
Solar Photovoltaic Installation Technician X        
Spanish       X  
Spanish Language   X      
Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)     X    
Speech Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) Advanced Placement X        
Stagecraft X        
Studio Art       X  
Substance Abuse Counselor X        
Supervision and Management X        
Tax Preparation X        
Theatre Arts       X  
Theatre Arts (Acting)   X      
Theatre Arts (Technical Theatre)   X      
Traffic Shipping and Receiving Technician X        
Welding Technology X        
Winery Event Coordinator X        
Winery Sales and Marketing X        
Winery Tasting Room Associate X        
World Languages and Global Studies   X