2020-2021 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog 
    May 19, 2024  
2020-2021 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Arts, Humanities, and Multimedia Transfer and Career Pathway (TrAC)

Dean: Christopher Guptill, M.F.A.

Success Coaches/Resource Specialists: James Forte and Rocio Ochoa
james.forte@deltacollege.edu; rocio.ochoa@deltacollege.edu

Counselors: Anthony Canela and Lydia Macy-Luna
anthony.canela@deltacollege.edu; lydia.macy@deltacollege.edu

Librarian: Mary Weppler-Van Diver

TrAC Faculty Chair: Travis Silvers

Arts, Humanities, and Multimedia TrAC Office
Holt 242
(209) 954-5209 or (209) 954-5211
FAX: (209) 954-3747

Goleman Library
(209) 954-5139
FAX: (209) 954-3745

Goleman Library Reference/Information Desk
(209) 954-5145

Goleman Library Circulation/Reserve Book/Audio-Visual Desk
(209) 954-5143

Music Lab/Library
Holt 105
(209) 954-5250

Faculty: Leslie Asfour, B.A; Jennifer Barrows, Ph.D.; Kevin Bautch, M.F.A.; Mark Berkner, A.A., Adriana Brogger, M.A.; Gary S. Carlos, M.A.; Shenny Cruces, M.F.A.; Tara Cuslidge-Staiano, M.J; William D. Ferraiolo, Ph.D.; Greg Foro, M.F.A.; Aaron Garner, M.M.; Josefina Gomez, J.D.; Robert Halabicky, B.S.; Brian Kendrick, M.A.; Melanie A. Marshall, M.A.; Mario Moreno, M.A.; Daniel Ng, M.L.S.; Kirstyn Russell, M.F.A.; Ruth Santee, M.F.A.; Steven M. Schermerhorn, M.L.S.; Bruce Southard, D.M.A.; Loren Valterza, Ph.D.; M.J. Wamhoff, M.A.; Mary Weppler-Van Diver, M.A.


  • Art (ART)
  • Civilization (CIVIL)
  • Culinary Arts (CUL ART)
  • Dance (DANCE)
  • Dramatic Arts (DRAMA)
  • Fashion Merchandising and Design (FASHION)
  • Graphic Arts (GRART)
  • Humanities (HUM)
  • Interior Design (ID)
  • Library (LIBRY)
  • Mass Communication (MCOM)
  • Music (MUSIC)
  • Philosophy (PHILO)
  • Photography (PHOTO)
  • Radio and Television (RTV)
  • Religion (RELGN)