2020-2021 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog 
    Jun 20, 2024  
2020-2021 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Health and Fitness Transfer and Career Pathway (TrAC)

Dean: Julie Kay, M.S.N.

Director of Athletics: Tony Espinoza, M.A.

Director of Health Sciences: Lisa Lucchesi, M.S.N.

Success Coach/Resource Specialist - Athletics: Susana Cruz

Success Coaches/Resource Specialists: Macaria Meza and Claudia Pizano
macaria.meza@deltacollege.edu; claudia.pizano@deltacollege.edu

Counselors: Heather Bradford, Pam Muckenfuss (Nursing), Randy Gaines (Athletics), and Becky Plaza (Athletics)
heather.bradford@deltacollege.edu; pamela.muckenfuss@deltacollege.edu; randy.gaines@deltacollege.edu; becky.plaza@deltacollege.edu

Librarian: Mary Weppler-Van Diver

TrAC Faculty Chair: Amanda Lee

Health and Fitness TrAC Office
Locke 203
(209) 954-5454
FAX: (209) 954-5798

Athletics Office
Budd 119
(209) 954-5176
FAX: (209) 954-5696

Athletic Learning Center - “The Zone”
Budd 205
(209) 954-5111

Faculty: Gary T. Barlow, M.A.; Haley Clem, B.S.N.; Shelba Durston, M.S.N.; Caitlynn Hansen, M.S.; Geronimo Hinayon, D.N.P.; Gina C. Johnson, M.A.; Sue Kidwell, M.A.; Donna LeBaron, D.N.P.; Amanda Lee, M.S.N.; Sam Maloy, B.S.N.; Michael Maroney, M.A.; Christine Meagher, M.A.; Richard Meza, M.S.N.; Mary Neville, M.S.N.; Reed Peters, M.S.; Allison Pieretti, M.S.N.; Nicole Porter II, B.S.N.; Richard Ressa, M.A.; Lori Riley-Weigel, M.S.N.; Lauryn Seales, M.A.; Peter Shin, M.S.N.; Adrienne Sorenson, M.A.; Lisa Stoddart, M.S.N.; Carole Vance, M.A.; Cheryl Wells, M.S.N.


  • Athletics (ATH)
  • Communication Disorders (COMM DIS)
  • Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS)
  • Health Education (H ED)
  • Health Science (H S)
  • Nursing (NURS)
  • Nursing ADN (NURSADN)
  • Nursing Psychiatric Technician (NURSPT)
  • PE Activity (PEACTIV)
  • PE Theory (PETHEORY)
  • Radiologic Technology (RAD)

Special Note: Transferability of Physical Education courses to the University of California is limited to a total of 4 units of activity courses and 8 units of Theory/Academic courses. See a counselor or www.assist.org for additional information.