2022-2023 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog 
    Jan 27, 2023  
2022-2023 San Joaquin Delta College Catalog

Social Science, Education, and Public Service Transfer and Career Pathway (TrAC)

Dean of Instruction: Daryl Arroyo, Ph.D.

Director of Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST): Tammie Murrell, M.A.

POST Academy Coordinator:  Jeff Coon, B.S. (Intensive Academy) and Kevin J. Smith, B.S. (Extended Academy)

Resource Specialists: Cristie Bryant, Aerika Ledezman, and Ariana Paniagua
cristie.bryant@deltacollege.edu; aerika.ledezma@deltacollege.edu; ariana.paniagua@deltacollege.edu

Counselors: Stacey Bagnasco and Sharmila Nathaniel
stacey.bagnasco@deltacollege.edu; sharmila.nathaniel@deltacollege.edu

Librarian: Daniel Ng

Social Science, Education, and Public Service TrAC Office
Budd 319
(209) 954-5262

Faculty: Daniel Baker, M.A.; BernNadette Best-Green, Ph.D.; Angela Beyer DaCruz, M.S.; Joel Blank, J.D., Nena Bush, M.S.; Suzanne Coleman, M.A.; Monique Fortunato, Ph.D.; Eugene Gambol, M.A.; Gregory Gibson, Ph.D.; Lynn A. Hawley, M.A.; Malika Hollinside, Ed.D.; Annaliza Lagrutta, M.A.; Karen Lee, Ph.D.; David Main, M.A.; Elizabeth Maloney, Ed.D.; Harry J. Mersmann, Ph.D.; Douglas Murray, M.A.; Melissa Neal, Ph.D.; Cristina Ortiz, Ph.D.; Michael Reynosa, A.A.; Sarah Seekatz, Ph.D.; Rachel Standish, Ph.D.; Wesley A. Swanson, Ph.D.; David A. Terry, M.A.; Jeffrey Topping, Ph.D.; Cirian Villavicencio, Ed.D.; Evan Wade, M.A.


  • Administration of Justice (AJ)
  • Anthropology (ANTHR)
  • Early Childhood Education (ECE)
  • Education (EDUC)
  • Ethnic Studies (ETHNS)
  • History (HIST)
  • Political Science (POLSC)
  • Psychology (PSYCH)
  • Sociology (SOCIO)